Fat, protein & sugar absorption.

Fat, protein & sugar absorption.

Even though our outdoor markets have been challenged with an unusually colder winter for Houston, Good Cravings booth weathered it quite well. We had an incredibly good turn out over the last two weeks, which concluded a very successful first month of this brand new year of 2018 :-)

Today we will be talking more about sugar and sugar absorption.

A short video for you if you'd like to hear some thoughts on the topic.

This week’s discussion and video are rather short. I wanted to highlight the importance of other macronutrients like fat and protein in your food including our raw vegan snacks.

Basically, this is what you will find out when you research on this subject yourself:

"Both fat and fiber, when eaten with carbohydrates tend to slow down the absorption of sugar and decrease insulin spikes."

That's why we use more nuts and/ or nut butters in our bars (good fat), together with coconut flakes (good fiber) or plant-based protein to help slow down the absorption of the natural fructose coming from the dates and berries (no additional sweeteners are used).

Real Food! Real Body!

Stay healthy!

Inna 🐿


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