Healthy Grab'N'Go's

Agree, the biggest challenges of eating healthy are planning and time for preparation. 

Easy vegan lunch ideas from Good Cravings

We are busy. We are always on the go. We are in the midst of everyday organized "chaos", and snacks in between our meals (if they happen at all) are what we heavily rely on those days. Here are examples of my Grab'N'Go's

I have shared some of my favorite foods before on YouTube and Instagram, however, today I wanted to share with you a bit into my day along with a simple grab and go lunch.  It is so easy to prepare ahead of time and toss in a cooler or a bag and have with me for either a snack throughout the day or a good healthy meal.  


The Last thing before I let you go, I wanted to share some exciting news with you!!  Bean Here Coffee in the heart of Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, Texas is now selling our bars.  Check out this picture I snapped when I dropped off the delivery.  

For a full list of our retail partners check out our website. 

As always, if you happen to be eating your favorite bar, snap a picture and tag it #goodcravings.  I love to see people enjoying our product!!


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