Keto Diet. Pros & Cons. Vegan Keto.

Keto Diet. Pros & Cons. Vegan Keto.

Today we are discussing the latest diet trend, high fat low carb Ketogenic diet.

I want to share with you:

  1. My personal experience with the diet (I did it last year for four weeks).
  2. I will give my personal take on it together with high-fat eating pros and cons.

As usual, a short video accompanies this topic. You are invited to watch or just scroll down for the summary of the video.

Nutritional ketosis is a state where your body is “deprived” of glucose; achieved when carbohydrate intake is decreased and protein intake is moderated. In this state, you switch to using fat as energy instead of carbohydrates. This process – of using fat as fuel – produces ketone bodies that are converted into substrates for the Krebs Cycle (energy production). 

1. You learn that fat is not an enemy, and is actually good for you as long as the source is right.
2. You are more aware of your carbohydrates and sugar intake. Something that you usually do on an autopilot. 
3. You are eating primarily a wholefood diet to stay within the dietary guidelines. 

1. Unsustainable because you can't have the majority of foods, including most of the vegetables and fruit. You can't have most nuts or even many avocados. 
2. Electrolyte imbalance; need to drink more water and maybe add more salt to your diet.
3. Keto Adaptation phase might take awhile before you can see the results.
4. Too many factors that will get you out of the Ketosis, including stress and too much protein.
5. I can't imagine the rest of my life without bananas or tomatoes or red bell peppers, can you?

Before you embark on any food journey, make your research thorough and don't forget to use your common sense. 

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Laura Jason

Thanks for the info, it is very helpful. I started my keto genic diet a month ago and found out that it had so many benefits like it helps lose your appetite(eat less) which leads to weight loss, helps lower blood pressure and betters cholesterol.

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