Making sense of sugar in food and Good Cravings bars

Making sense of sugar in food and Good Cravings bars

In November 2017 Good Cravings sent out a survey to our subscribers.   We asked for a feedback on Good Cravings products and general questions about health, diet and personal views on both.

One of the questions:

Thinking of energy/protein bars in general, what are the downsides? What improvements could be made?

And to no surprise, many of the answers addressed: SUGAR!

Here is a small screenshot with some of the responses.

I thought would be a good time to address the sugar topic and to share how we sweeten Good Cravings bars.

I am a no expert, but to me, all sugars are simply divided into:

  1. Natural sugars (like fruit either fresh or dry),
  2. Processed sugar (for example white table sugar or high fructose corn syrup),
  3. Artificial sweeteners (like sucralose or aspartame).

I agree that too much of anything including sugar is not good for either our physical or mental health.   
At the same time, I don’t think we can’t moderately enjoy simple pleasures of life like sweet treats and desserts. In the end, even healthful foods like berries, have sugar in them. Vegetables, consisting primarily of carbohydrates, eventually become mostly sugars during the digestive process. This is a part of the process as our bodies convert vegetables into energy. Does that mean that vegetables are bad for us? Silly question, isn’t it?

The following video covers my perspective on sugar intake.   It boils down to one idea: SOURCE MATTERS!!

Dates, that we use in our bars, are not only a good source of a healthful sugar. They also contain fiber, vitamins A, B, C, some plant protein, and minerals like manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium. So your body will get much more than just sugar! Check out the video below. You’re invited to leave a comment.

As far as Good Cravings bars, you know, guys, that we comply with the raw food standards.  We use only natural sweeteners such as dates, apple juice infused cranberries and cherries. We process this dried fruit into a paste and then add other ingredients. In this manner, the dried fruit that we use not only gives the bars a naturally sweet flavor but also serves as a binder so we don’t need to use anything artificial.

Could we make the bars less sweet or lower the sugar content? Yes.  But we would need to use artificial sweeteners and that would not be consistent with our philosophy or principles. We want to give you only a real food product so you can build a “real” healthy body.

Check out the video below.  I shared a segment of how we use the dried fruit in our production facility.

In summary, all sweeteners are not created equally. Good Cravings utilizes only natural fruit-based sweeteners to which our bodies are historically accustomed.


Be well and be real!


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