Struggling in your choice between protein and energy bars? Well, this is a perfect option for you! 

Half & Half Box will give you both pre- and post-workout bars.

In your box you will find:

6 Raw Vegan Energy bars of your choice. 

6 Raw Vegan Protein bars of your choice.

To customize a box:

1. After adding your box to the cart, click Cart, then Edit Cart.

2. Under the image of the box, you will find Special Instructions window.

3. List flavors you'd like to get and their quantity (6 protein and 6 energy flavors; 12 bars in total)

For example:

I would love to get 3 Cherry Almond, 2 Cranberry Pecan, 1 Lemon Pie, 2 PB Chocolate protein bars and 4 Coffee Caramel protein bars.

If no Special Instructions found, you will receive all 6 energy bars flavors with 1 of each flavor and 6 protein bar flavors with 1 of each flavor.

In your box you will find:

1 Cranberry Pecan bar, 1 Cherry Almond bar, 1 Raw Chocolate bar, 1 Lemon Pie bar, 1 Chocolate Mint bar, 1 Pumpkin Pie bar; 2 PB Chocolate bars, 2 Coffee Caramel bars and 2 Walnut Brownie bars.

Please, try and share your feedback on your favorite flavor!

Raw, Gluten-free, Vegan, Soy and Dairy-free, Whole Food.. No sugar added. No preservatives or additives.

Shelf life: 

We use no preservatives;

We suggest to keep bars in a pantry for 3 months or in your refrigerator for 6 months;

Bars don't require refrigeration, however, it prolongs their freshness for up to 6 months. 

Due to the use of raw cacao butter, refrigeration may affect the texture of the protein bars. If you find our protein bars a little hard after refrigeration, simply give them a few minutes to thaw. If you consume the bars within three months, no need to refrigerate. 

Can be used as a healthy dessert, breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout, protein bar, energy bar, travel food.

Handcrafted in small batches in Houston, TX.