A day at Good Cravings facility

Hello guys and gals!
Your Squirrel Girl is here again! 🐿

Those following our IG pageFacebook and our regular market customers already know about exciting developments that have happened in the life of our company in the last three months including launching Good Cravings bars in all Central Market stores!!! What??? 😱🙊

We actually have a lot of sharing to do about big stores and our thoughts and approach when it comes to big retailers (as you always ask that question 😉) But that is a subject for a separate email and a video. 

For now, I want to bring you into our facility for one day of work and show you a few things that we do. 
Even though there are a few strategic production nuances that we keep undisclosed, most of our work is an open book and we are proud to be transparent and actually show you how your product is made and how custom-fresh every batch is!!! 

Grab a Good Cravings bar and enjoy this little vlog!


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