Good Cravings Ambassador Erin Moore from South Carolina

Hello guys and gals!
I would like to introduce to you our amazing South Carolina Ambassador Erin Moore.

Erin and I got connected on social media and immediately bonded (@botanicallybuilt). 
Her relentless work ethic and quality content that she shares through Instagram and Youtube really impressed me. Anything from plant-based fitness tips, conscious healthy food choices to leveling up your mindset.
Go check for yourself:
Erin's Instagram
Her latest video on Vegan Grocery Haul

Here is a little bit more about Erin in a form of Q&A:

- Where did you grow up and how did your environment affect your lifestyle choices?

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia to a family that, fortunately, has always prioritized health. Growing up, my parents would always say, “your health is your wealth!” And though the meaning behind this mantra has waned in my own struggles toward self-discovery and personal growth, It remains true to my core and is the reason I feel so compelled to share my journey with the world! 

- When and why you started to lift?

I was always athletic and participated in competitive sports growing up, but I really started to lift with intention, in college to gain strength mentally and physically.

- What is your favorite muscle group to exercise?

Shoulders!! I was born with a smaller frame, so building up my shoulders has been the most fun muscle group to really watch grow! 

- What is your favorite plant-based high protein meal you find your self making often?

Like most bodybuilders, I am a creature of habit! I eat stir fry’s with spicy tofu either for lunch or dinner almost every night! Stir-fried vegetables on top of a massive pile of mixed greens are my favorite! The more diverse plants are the better!

- What is your next goal with your fitness practice?

My next goal includes the NPC Julie Palmer Ultimate Showdown, June 1st in Dayton, Ohio! 

I am so grateful for Good Cravings, and am blessed to be a part of a brand that wants to empower others to lean-in to a more plant-based way of living while closing the gap between ourselves and our food!


Us and Erin are looking forward to sharing with you more creative ways of enjoying a plant-based healthy lifestyle!!!



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