Good Cravings Bars Are A Certified Go Texan Product

Good Cravings bars are a certified Go Texan product.

We were recently certified as a “GO TEXAN” product.  GO TEXAN proudly promotes products, culture, and communities that call Texas home.  You can learn more about GO TEXAN here

Good Cravings bars are a certified Go Texan product

What does this mean for you?  You can rest assured that you are buying a Texas product from a Texas company.  What does this mean for us?  We now get to use the GO TEXAN logo to show our Texas pride.  This helps promote Texas businesses and allows us additional networking and marketing opportunities.  So you will see, it is a win for both you and the company. 

One other thing you might notice is that our new logo and the GO TEXAN logo are on some of our bars.  We are working hard to get all the wrappers updated with the new Good Cravings Logo as well as the GO TEXAN logo.  

Good Cravings bars are a certified Go Texan product

If you find yourself out of bars in between Farmer's Market's, you can always stop by one of our Retail Partners or you can order online and have them shipped anywhere in the world.  

As always, if you see one of our new wrappers out in the wild, snap a picture and use the hashtag #GoodCravings.

All the best!


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