Professional Vegan Bikini Competitor talks about Good Cravings protein bars

Hello guys and gals!
If you have been following our Instagram or FB, then you probably already know who I will be talking about. 

Her name is Natalie Matthews and she is a professional Bikini competitor and a vegan athlete. In 2018 she became an IFBB pro and is determined to make it to the Olympia stage.
On her social media platforms, she is more known as @fitvegnachef creating delicious high-protein plant-based meals and recipes and sharing her workout routines. 
I have been a fan of hers for a long time now and couldn't be happier to meet with her in person to discuss our product from the wholefood plant-based bodybuilder's perspective :-) She currently lives in Houston, so that made the meeting arrangement much easier :-) 

Long story short, here is little video recap about the meeting. 
You can skip to minute 3:00 to actually hear Natalie's feedback and learn about the best macro-balanced flavor 😉
Natalie's website:


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