Assorted Protein Box. Try All Six Protein Bars or Customize Your Own Box.


Assorted Protein Box. Try All Six Protein Bars or Customize Your Own Box.


Ordering for the first time and wanting to try all protein flavors? We got you!!!

Let us know what protein flavors and how many you'd prefer to have in your dozen. Or leave it to default settings to try all six. 

To customize a box:

1. After adding your box to the cart, click Cart, then Edit Cart.

2. Under the image of the box, you will find the Special Instructions window.

3. List flavors you'd like to get and their quantity (12 bars in total)

For example:

I would love to get 3 Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, 2 Coffee Caramel, 1 PB Jelly, and 6 Blueberry Vanilla bars.

If no Special Instructions are found, you will receive all 6 protein bar flavors with 2 of each flavor.

In your box you will find:

2 Walnut Brownie bars, 2 PB Chocolate bars, 2 Coffee Caramel bars, 2 Blueberry Vanilla (with chia) bars, 2 PB Jelly (with strawberries and goji berries) bars, and 2 Raspberry Chocolate Truffle (with acai and cacao nibs) bars.

Share your feedback on your favorite flavors!

Raw, Gluten-free, Vegan, Soy, and Dairy-free, Whole-Food. No sugar added. No preservatives or additives. No sugar alcohols. 

Shelf life:

We use no preservatives;

Bars don't require refrigeration, however, it prolongs their freshness for up to 6 months. 

Can be used as a healthy dessert, breakfast, pre-workout, energy bar, or travel food.

Handcrafted in small batches in Houston, TX.

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