5 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $15

Hello guys and gals!

Yes, the Christmas and 2019 are upon us and there is no stopping to that!

You know that feeling, when you sit down to make a list of all the loved ones you want to give the Christmas gift to, and then you realize you didn't know there were so many people in your life you cared for?! 😂

And then when you are trying to figure out the budget for all these pages of friends and family, you start wondering whether they care about you just as much? 😜


We know you love them all! 😇 And most of them unconditionally... :-)😈

Anyway, we got a few last minute solutions for you secretly shared by Santa.

They are five simple, cute and healthy gift ideas costing anywhere from $3 to $15.🙌 We will start with the most pricey one and will go down the line.

1. Coconut Bowls
Instagram has blown up recently with all these pretty pictures of healthy food served in coconut bowls. They are handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. With every use, you save a coconut, help the environment and support rural craftspeople. These eco-friendly bowls are perfect for everything, from stir fry to smoothie bowls. They don't take up much space and are unique, with their own shapes, sizes, markings, and imperfections.

PRICE: $13-$15 depending on the size
Free shipping on orders over $75
Source: CoconutBowls.com

2. Bamboo Utensils
I have been using mine for over 6 years now. And LOVE them!
These are the perfect tool to carry around. They are very slim and easy to slip into a purse or a lunch bag. Bamboo dries very quickly which is great for keeping everything clean. They help to reduce plastic waste while keeping you in style 😌

PRICE: $12-$13 
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Source: Amazon

3. Superfoods Recipe Book
If your friend is a bookworm like myself, then this wonderful recipe collection filled with colorful images will earn you a tight hug and a kiss. I know I would do it... 😂😘
I picked this copy up at the nearest Half Price bookstore. You may be just lucky to go and get one yourself. I am sure they are still available.

PRICE: $10
Source: Half Price Books
It is on their website too

4. Hemp Hearts Toppers
Speaking of superfoods, what a genius idea from Manitoba Harvest. Salad or soup sprinkling goodness with 10g of protein and 10g Omegas 3&6 per 35g serving.
Flavors include savory options like Chipotle, Onion and Garlic; Onion, Garlic and Rosemary as well sweet option like Maple and Cinnamon. That's an original gift!

PRICE: $6 depending on the store
Amazon got it too

5. Good Cravings Bars

Hey, of course, I had to mention our product.😊 It's healthy, it's tasty, it's fresh and handcrafted. 

But the best thing, you can start with $3.00 and end with $3.00 if you need to. Because, if you have 20 stockings to fill, you might not have $15 to spare per each gift. But at the same time, you have the flexibility to go as generous as your budget allows! 

Our bars are whole food and plant-based, free of gluten, soy, preservatives or added sugar. We are a manufacturer-to-consumer company and make our product fresh to the order.
But wait, if you can't accommodate to stop at one of the upcoming farmer's markets, WE ARE HAVING AN AMAZING END OF YEAR SALE COMING UP ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH at 10am!!! Bars are shipped the same or the next day and with 2-day shipping, you or your loved ones should get them right on time for Christmas!

PRICE: $3-$39 unless a sale or a discount code is used
Free shipping on orders over $100
Source: GoodCravings 


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